Should we bring em over?

What do you guys think about combining the WR250 w/ the 400/426 forum? Seems to make sense to me. Thoughts?

I know the YZ250 forum has some hothead, hockey players in it. My opinion: Let them stay there. If adult conversation is needed, WR400/426 forum is available.

No offense to the good guys.

Outside of the people, do you think there is enough commonalities between the two groups in terms of the bike, riding, etc?

send 'em back to sicily


Would somebody please explain what is adult about that last post?

English humor is an acquired "adult" taste. Some find it bitter at first, but the mature individual grows to appriciate it (somewhat).

good place to put this post. Sitting out in garage thinkin about how many times I've hit my shins on the footpegs moving the bike here and there. I read most of the posts anyway, so....... New folks gotta learn.

I think they're all a bunch of lightweights over there :)

when they get a "mans" bike they can come to the "mans" page. :)

Originally posted by NH Kevin:

I know the YZ250 forum has some hothead, hockey players in it. My opinion: Let them stay there. If adult conversation is needed, WR400/426 forum is available.

No offense to the good guys.

You guys are waaaayyyy to quick to get on Kevin's bandwagon! I said DUB R TWO FIDDY, NOT WHY ZEE TWO FIDDY! :)

when they get a "mans" bike they can come to the "mans" ya have to able to ride that mans bike too? cause if so,would somebody please point me towards the pw50 forum! ha! i crack me up. '01 wr426,but rides like a little girl.

ooops, i was looking for the "larger butts need larger engines" self-help group-- i don't know how i ended up here. sorry 'bout that.

the wrooster



a :) in case you missed the sarcasm...

besides, out here in the east if you have the 250cc mill under you it doesn't bung up the tree as much compared to bikes with heavier engines. "you people" who ride without fear out in the open need to get your big bikes thru some unyielding lumber once in a while-- it keeps your reflexes sharp plus continually reshapes your radiator guards, thus keeping the aftermarket parts industry alive, thereby employing others, which helps the economy. see, you *can* contribute to society, even though you have large engines. :D


My Dub R 400 sees nothing but tight woods here in the Pacific NW. I sort of miss my XR 250 but I've found in a short time that I can carve single track even better on the 400. I still don't understand why those in the east still think the west has no wooded single track? Remember, So. Cal is not the entire west. I'd love to have my 400 and wr 250 just to mix it up a bit. I suppose you guys out there won't ride with anyone who doensn't have the same bike?

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naah, i was just poking fun. i know you guys have trees out there, where else would georgia-pacific get the lumber for all the new houses out here?

as for riding with "like" bikes, that just sucks. if you can't keep up with someone on the same model bike, everybody knows who the faster rider is. but if everybody's got different bikes, you can always blame your horse for your lack of speed, explaining that you've currently got it set up for water crossings :)

my brother-in-law is an A-class enduro rider, he has this '97 KDX200 which has about 100+ races on it and looks like it should be junked. of course he's got custom-tuned suspenders on it, and some aftermarket engine internals, but there's a crapload of stuff that is one endo short of breaking off. but i can't keep him in sight on the trail, i mean not even close. at the end of the day i just tell him his suspension and engine are more broken in than my new 250F's. but what will i say next summer? :D

the wrooster

I have been around a lot of MX tracks and seen a lot of racing. I have seen CR500's get passed by YZ80's with equal riders on both of them. On a horse power track, the CR500's rule. On a tight technical track, the small motors rule.

Can anybody argue that point?

wrooster, i live here in the nw corner of pa. (mountains and hardwoods) and i have found that with the bigger faster heavier bike i can usually scare the trees into moving out of my way. the ones that won't move i usually leave a good scar on them to teach them a lesson. :)

shhhhh...don't tell,but i've got an 87 kdx200 that i sometimes wreck,er..i mean ride,instead of the 426! yikes......"believe me! i DID see the tree!"

hey bill,

check out

i see an awful lot of big bore hardware behind that little blue 250F. pretty sad. maybe you guys who tow your overnight campers behind your 426F's should unhook the trailer *before* you go racin'... :)

the wrooster

on a wr.lite, the quarter-liter kind.


but seriously, Boschk, do you have a compelling reason to want to combine the forums? i guess that i don't see it, and although there is of course overlap (e.g. the usual questions about seats&tanks, throttle stops, airbox lids, and so on), the two bikes have somewhat different applications. plus it's nice to visit someone else's house once in a while where you can tear up the back yard and then leave the mess for the 426 guys to clean up. :)

i guess it could go either way, but i never sat here and said to myself, "ya know, they should combine these two forums...". i vote (as if that's gonna make a diff) keep them separate.

the wrooster

aka jim

In the imortal word of OffSpring:

"Keep em' seperated!"

WR250F Stock but without baffle/ Tstop cut/ Gray Wire removed, and with a few cosmetic enhancments - dang trees.

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