ordered the Supertrapp IDS2 exhaust

I just ordered the Supertrapp IDS2 exhaust for my XR650L ( catalog lists it as XR600, but I was told it fits both ) ... I have all the standard uncorking mods already done, and a few extra jets to play with, but am curious as to how many discs I should run to keep her on the quiet side, and still have some power gain ... any suggestions as to where to start ? ...( geared 14/45 right now ) ... thanks in advance ....

I have 9 disks on mine and it still idles under 95db. I tried 7 disks but it was running to rich, and it felt boggy at high speed. Also my temps drastically dropped when I put the Suppertrap on.

I never even gave a thought as to the engine temperature dropping ... that comes as good news, a bonus I never expected ... justifies my expenditure, thanks ...

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