Rear Suspention Set-Up.......

Even though Im on a killer diet I still weigh more than the rear spring is designed for I think? When I got the 03 450 it was way too tall for me, and since I

wasn't going to race it (Cowtrail) I had it lowered some and re-valved...

Plush ride was the plan....but I think its too soft in the rear....I had the SAG

set up at 4.5 inches so that the static sag worked out to 1.5 inches......

I rode the bike about ten times and wasn't really happy with the way it turned

in the tight stuff....Being a retired short track specialist I was having a tough time getting used to seating position on this NEW STYLE bike. Im sure that

alot of the reason I can't turn this thing with out PUSH is that Im not sitting far enough foward.......What I did last night was to change the rear pre-load

to 3.5 SAG which made the static about .75 inches with this help my turning

problem or just make the rear too stiff?


what's the turning problem,washing out?If so change tires. I like the 756. You want a tighter turning radius, drop the triple tree as much as you can. Hope this helps. Im a short man too at 5'7 . I you are just rail riding take out your mid valve in the front forks. Also set the rear up so it has little rebound......real plush.Might be wrong but it works for me

Thanks, I think your right about the tires I have tried several types both front and back, the 756s were next...thanks again..


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