Cleaned my carb now wont run right...

Here is what I did:

I cleaned my carb by removing float bowl, the 3 jets(main, piolet jet, and the other one,) slider, needle,. and the piolet screw. I made sure to count the number of turns when removing the piolet screw. I assembled everything the way I took it out(I believe)

Here is my problem:

I can get the bike started and get it to a rough idel. It seems like its running lean because as soon as I give it a bit of gas it backfires and when I leave off it stalls. I tried turinig up the idel and adjusting the piolet jet w/no sucess. The temp hasent changed since last time I rode. What else can be wrong?

Sounds like you put that black plate on the slide upside down

Yep I think your right I looked at the pic in the manuel and the hole should be in the bottom :cry: I would have never thought that because the way it looks to fit is the opposite.

Just a bit of info.......But if you look real hard you can see witness marks on

both pieces of an assembly......If your not sure how something went together

sometimes this will help.....use a magnifier if your OLD like me :cry:


I was just going to say to check your slide but it looks like you already have it taken care of. This is a very common mistake on 4 strokes.

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