Just got my '05. Suspension help??

I picked up my 05 450 yesterday. I took it out then and this morning. The suspension is killing me. I'm going to go setup my race sag in a little bit. Hopefully that will help. I weigh 175 w/o gear. I only race intermediate and hopeully I'll be able to move up to pro this next season. I remember back in the day when I was a little more into the whole sport Cycle News would put out articles on the new bikes that would have suspension settings. Like.. a good place to start at least. Does anyone know where to find them, or what they are? Also, don't be shy and share your settings. I just need a good place to start from. I think I may just start where my 03 is but I still will need some help.

From the experiance I have gathered from my 03 450 if your not riding on a track

and going really fast the thing is probably too stiff for you (was me) I would soften

up the compression dampening setting maybe 6 clicks to start and rebound maybe

half that......write down what you changed if you need to go back its nice to know...

as far as the SAG I have heard several different settings (and have tried several myself)

I wouldn't think much more than 3.5 inches.......again its rider preference.

Hope this helps, BC

most everyone I know with 05 bikes has to add about 10-20cc of oil per fork to help with bottoming resistance.

most everyone I know with 05 bikes has to add about 10-20cc of oil per fork to help with bottoming resistance.

That is a pretty good idea. I already have had a bottoming problem. Even though it is real stiff.

As far as track riding, that's mostly what I have been doing. Where I live the tracks aren't groomed. Mostly its just random people that build them so they get really choppy. When I get into braking bumps I feel like my front end wants to wash out. Also, one track that I was riding has a pretty big double and I didn't get over it all the way a couple times. I kinda just bounced off the top. My old bike seemed to be pretty good for that. It would just soak it up. So, that's rebound right? I think I just need to turn that in a few clicks.

Suspension settings is not a one for all thing. Some people like different settings and their riding styles dictate the different settings.

You say the front washes out? well that could be the tire. Get a 742 dunlop for the front for starters. Great tires on the YZFs! But you can also slow down the rebound a bit. I would suggest to read the Ohlin's manual. Some of the best and easiest to understand suspension setup I have read to date:


Thanks for the pdf. I know that suspension works different for different people. That's why I just want a good base to start from. I'll read the manual though and see if I can figure it out myself.

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