WR426 tank on a WR450?

My tank on my wr450 is about to burst, cracks around the bottom and bolt holes. :cry: I was just wondering if the tank from a WR426 would work. I liked the look of that high tank. :cry::cry:

The 426 tank should fit but I dont know about the shrouds. If you cant find a 426 tank the GYTR tank I have is bigger and looks like the older 426 tank. :cry:

Thanks Indy. Got your bike put up for winter or do you ride all year long?

Oh Yeah! :cry: I ride about 45 weekends a year. No need to store my bike for the winter. Next weekend I will be in Durhamtown, GA and the following weekend I will be at Coal Creek, TN. Then a break for Christmas and back to riding in the new year! :cry:

Does anyone know what the best aftermarket tank is? I am lookin for slightly more capacity than my stock 2.1 gallon tank on the '05. Also will my stock shrouds work on all aftermarket tanks made for the '05 wr450? I've only ridden this bike thru the break-in process so far but don't wanna worry about running out of fuel on any lengthy rides I might take. Also I have no idea what the tanks cost. Thanks for any info you guys may have for me....... :cry:

I am not sure if the 05 aftermarket tanks are out yet. The Yamaha GYTR - 3.4 gallon tank is great on the 03/04 WR450. Gives most riders a 100 mile range. It requires YZ shrouds to complete the kit. I think the radiators and gas tank are smaller on the 05 WR and so I dont think the GYTR tank will work for you. It takes the IMS and Clarke guys about a year before they offer bigger tanks for new models. :cry:

Ok, I guess I'll just be patient and see what comes out in a while then. Thanks a bunch for the info Indy. :cry:

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