Baja Baffles

I'm in the process of setting up my new 05 WR450. I am looking at inserts for the stock muffler. Has anyone had experience with Baja Designs baffles. They claim to enhance flow while maintaining the 96db level.

H. Mushman

I preferred the Baja insert on the stock pipe and it works as good as the GYTR insert ( I had both) but it is slighlty louder. most likely about 96 db where the GYTR was more like 94 db IMO.

Quiet Products( makes what I feel is the best insert going...flows freely and keeps the noise down. I like mine.

I should call them to see if they have one for the 05 WR450. The muffler has changed from past models.

Interesting, without seeing a quietiscool insert in person, what I'm getting is it's simply a turned down open pipe. I would think all that it does is effectively "cheat" the sound test by directing the exhaust doise downward, where it's not picked up as badly by the sound tests (something about a given distance at a given angle?). Whatever works I suppose... :cry:

BTW, Harvery, I dig your log-in name :cry: I almost used that as my log-in, I was actually quite suprised that it took so long for someone to use it.

RIP S. McQ. :cry:

Yep, Jackazz, that's pretty much what it is. Slightly smaller than the muffler outlet, there's 2 steel rings, one with a threaded hole for the bolt, and that's it..... :cry:

We don't have a sound test law here in AZ, and I haven't been to a race that checks sound yet, so I don't know what I'm making(dB-wise), nut someone else on here says it is 96dB legal. :cry:

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