'94 XR650L plastics?

My dad picked up a used '94 XR650L in atlanta this past weekend (cheap). The plastics on the bike are a little rough & he would like to clean up the bike a bit by buying some new aftermarket plastics. Where might we find plastics for this bike ie: front fender, side panels & maybe a new headlight shroud cover? OEM is way over priced so no way will he spend that kind of money on a $1000 bike. :cry:

Rear fender looks okay. Also how about those OEM blinker stalk mounts? the rubber seems to be worn out & loose causing the blinkers to flop around. Anyway of repairng that or should he just ditch them & buy new aftermarket blinkers. The bike is dirty but mechanically sound, it recently had a new cylinder head installed about 3k miles back. Brakes, chain & sprockets are in good shape. The bike cranks & runs good no engine leaks. Mileage was high at 27k but we knew the previous owner so felt comfortable buying it. Chassis parts all work pretty good. Bike really just needs a bath & a good scrubbibg along with some new plastics & it'd look pretty good.



No one makes aftermarket plastic for the L.I did buy a set for my old 94 L,but i have two friends that work at american honda.I did mount a CRF front fender with a few mods to my old 03 L.And a XR600 side panel will fit on the right side,but no one makes a left panel(other than honda).The rear fender you might be able to mod a XR600 unit(?)Headlight shell (honda only).good luck! :cry:

You need to look at WWW.XRSONLY.COM. If it is not listed on the site, call them and they will tell you part number, and price.

I know for a fact they have all the plastic you are looking for. I too looked at a used bike that needed alot of help with the plastic and figured it in on the offer price.

It gets pricey, $100 for headlight bezzel, $60 a side for sides, $60 each for white only wings (the radiator shroud looking things), $40 each for both front and rear fenders.

Good luck!

Always lots of plastics available on e-bay.

Remember front fenders basically the same as xr400 and 600.

Some used plastics available right now on 4strokes.com


Looked on EBAY tonight. There is a set of 94' XR650L side covers listed under parts and XR650L. Give it a shot.

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