:cry: When I pull the throttle all the way down the bike stalls for a split second. What could be the problem? :cry:

This will generally always happen to everyone when your rpm's are low and you grab too much throttle.

If it happens at higher rpms then your jetting is off, probably rich.

Search for the many threads on what to do.

If you want someone to help you, you will need to be more specific about:

1. your altitude

2. current jetting

3. rpm that this occurs

People will help but they need to know more info. :cry:

That's what I thought when I get into high rpms It don't stall as much! :cry:

Its busted, fix it or sell it :cry:

my 04 WR450 does the same thing, If I'm riding about 40 mph in 5th gear and then stab the throttle wide open it totally cuts out. Is this a jetting problem?

Yeah, sell it man and get a CRF 230!

I already had a CRF 230 and the valves burnt up on me. Red never again!!!

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