timing plug came out, 04 450f, anyone else had issue

:cry: My timing plug came out while riding my new 04 450 f.

It is that little blastic plug, that is screwed into the left case cover.

I lost a lot of oil, while riding. I could have blown the motor if I rode another minute or so. Anyone else had this issue? I am very upset, I thought Yamahas quality was better then this. :cry::cry:

Let me say this as politely as possible, so that you don't take it personally. Yes, I have heard of it, but the only time that plug will come out is if it wasn't tight in the first place. Mine have never even loosened on their own.

Now, if you were talking about the decomp bore plug, that would be another thing.


The plug was never touched by me, it was loose from the manufaturer.

this happened also on my 2001 YZ250f. Luckily noticed it going to the starting gate. A buddy lend me his for the moto. Since then I always carry a spare in my toolbox. they only cost a few bucks. Plus get the o-ring since most likely that will be lost too.. Worst scenario just use some duct tape in a pinch, not prety but works...


Now, if you were talking about the decomp bore plug, that would be another thing.


It,s funny that you mention that. About two weeks ago I lost my decomp bore plug. The one big thing that I can say helped it along was the clamp that holds the breather hose to the engine case kept on getting flattened. I can only figure from deep rutted left handers. I have always find myself having to reshape that thing. Anyway I used a freeze plug and red locktited it in. I also made a metal tab that bolts to the old cable bracket holder on the head so it won't come back out. Just something you might wan't to keep an eye on.

As mentioned above Im not attacking you so PLEASE don't take this personal..

Im 56 almost 57 (January ) I worked in motorcycle shops for 15 years and opened my own and had it for another 10 years.....working mostly on Jap

bikes for the first 20 years.....Harley Davidson the latter......It was always

general knowledge that when you picked up a new bike (dirt bike) you took it home and went over all the fasteners and made sure the 17 years old assembler

that made minimum wage tighhtened in his hurry to get your bike serviced before you picked it up(along with the ten others due that hour) If the bike was gonna be raced, we even took the motor apart and made sure everything was OK.......So Im sure your disappointed with the plug falling out.....but DUDE, its not the bikes fault :cry:

BC :cry:

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