650L pipe

Any information on white bros. s bend vs. supertrapp ids2 on a 650L? Low to midrange power is what I'm after without too much noise as I use the bike for both on/off road. All the other normal uncorking process I'll do at the same time. Thanks, I know this must be a normal question beat to death but I couldn't find anything posted at this time.

I read a couple of pipe tests in Dirt Bike where the White Bros. was the top-performing pipe of the groups, but wasnt a huge amount of difference bewteen any of them, truthfully, ... I just bought the Supertrapp IDS2, simply because it was quite a bit cheaper than the White Bros ...

The white bros is a great pipe it really gives it that snap off the bottom end along with rejjeting although it is a little loud but I think you can get a quiet insert for it. :cry:

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