will not start

Helping a friend trouble shoot a starting problem with his early 90's xr 650.We towed it and would get an pop here and there.I haven't got into the top end.Is there any history of ignition problems with this bike.Any info will help.

Did you try a new plug first. Sounds like it may be fouled. I always knock out the simple stuff before I dig to deep.

if the bike has been sitting a long time, chances are the gasoline has turned bad .... always try fresh gas and a new plug first

Did you get it fixed?

Thanks for asking.Apparently this bike was checked out in the way of valve train,timing and other basic conditions. They want me to check the ignition system out.That's why I ask if there is any history of problems with this bike.

Thanks any help

The only problem I have ever had was a loose connection behind the head light that prevented the bike from having any spark at all.

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