Split second cutout on landing from jumps

2003 yz 450: Rode this weekend and had 2 occsasions where the bike bogged for a split second after landing from a jump. It did this when I cracked the throttle wide open very quickly. Any ideas? Just a 4 stroke characteristic? Maybe fuel screw?

Any help or ideas?

Actually sounds like some trash up in one of the vent lines. This used to be a very common problem, not much so anymore. The few times I have seen it, it was because some dirt clogged the lines and the carb could not push excess fuel out on a landing causing a temporary flooding situation.

If it persists you might want to check out the PC racing vent system. That's what I had to go with on my 426 because of extreme mud conditions during winter month off road racing.

Bonzai :cry:

Ive heard something about this on the honda forum. I think it was from the carb coming out of the air boot :cry: im not sure, but you might want to check and see if the metal bands that holds the carb to the air boot and engine are tight. :cry::cry:

Check your airboots and make sure they are tight. If that does not work then check your float level and make sure it's in spec.

Yeah I would go with the FLOAT HEIGHT sounds like too high of fuel level....

That would bre the first thing I would check anyway.......Try this, go off your jump several times and kill the engine and coast to your pits and look at the plug

if its sooty black then that will tell you something right there......

BC :cry:

This may sound crazy, but clean out your carb very well. This happened to me on my 426 a couple of times, and both times it was junk in the carb. I coudln't see the junk, but a good cleaning fixed it every time. It cuts out, almost like someone hit the kill switch. That's my first guess anyway.

i had this problem. check the boot between the carb and motor liek someone already said. mine turned out to be torn on the bottom side. some bumps and landing would cause it to cut out. caused 2 good crashes in one day.. ouch

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