Look what I won!

Sweet, I've been thinking about getting one myself. You'll have to post a ride report :cry:

No doubt!...My bike is burning a little oil, so I think its time for rings.....so why not do a piston?...I checked ebay and it was there!

I'll let you know the results as soon as I put it in.


They are great!!! You will love it, that´s for sure.. The bike gets a buttom snap that will make you say WOOOOOW the first time you wack the trottle. I installed the 13,5:1 together with a complete DR.D a month ago, it really runs great now..

God luck

What kind of fuel are you running with that comp ratio?

I ran Klotz 113

So you can run 93 or 94 with the higher compression?

So you can run 93 or 94 with the higher compression?

That is my question too. Obviously, you can run race gas and other high octane gas.....but can you run pump gas without detonation?

I put a wiseco piston in my 03 450 and I asked about getting the higher comp piston. They said that you couldn't run pump gas. That's why I decided to just go with the standard piston. It actually seemed to help out the power. I think mosty becuase of the wight of the piston. I got more torque all through the power band.

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