Cold Starting Procedures

Any Tips on starting the BRP when it is cold.

I have to just kick the piss out of it and finally it will fire, stall. fire, stall. :cry:

Stock Carb. All the usual Uncorking,+ XRs Pipe,

170 main, 68s pilot.

Precesion Concepts choke plate.

Calif. Desert @3000 ft.

Temp in the 30's to 40's

Starts fine at all times unless real cold.

I can get my BRP started in two kicks max when I do the following:

1) Decomp lever in, kick it 5-10x

2) Decomp lever out, kick slowly until you find the 'hard' spot (TDC).

3) Decomp lever in, push kick starter about 1-2", 1/2 choke, no throttle & kick. If it doesn't start on the 1st kick, find TDC again & repeat.

I can't get mine to fire @ full choke, it'll just sputter & die.

Good luck

What is your starting procedure?

Are you runnin stock carb?

What is your jetting?

What is you altitude?

What cold temp. are you talking?

Does you bike have any mods?

A little info included in your post on your particular situation would go a long way towards someone helping you. :cry:

As it stands, my bike starts on the first kick when it's cold, and so does all my buddies. So I believe "operator error" is your problem. :cry:

Here in Vermont I have a trick that works very well, I take an electric fan heater, point it at the engine in the garage with a cheesey sheet metal duct to get all the heat to the critical areas. Now your engine more a less thinks it's warm out, of course assuming that you've jetted the carb properly for the air temp. Something tells me that JackAttack doesn't have to do this sort of thing.



"froze to the bone in my igloo home, counting the days till the ice turns green"

EDIT/Safety Alert: I forgot to mention that you risk burning your shop, garage, house, whatever down using this method. Gas is amazingly flamable stuff, an electric heater is as close to an open flame as you can get without a torch... that is one reason I like a "duct", it seperates the heat source from the bike, but allows the heat to get there. Do not try this if: a) You are smarter than me :cry: You have no common sense.

I rode all day Sunday in temps around 0* C (32*F) . My bike starts the same in these temperatures as it does on a warm day. Usually 2 kicks with a cold engine and 1 when warmed up. When the engine is cold you need to turn up the idle about 1/2 to a full turn. As the engine warms up turn the idle back to normal. Never touch the throttle unless the bike is flooded. This for the stock carb, uncorked with HRC exhaust tip.

My procedure;

Turn up idle 1/2 to full turn

choke on full, in warmer temps 1/2 or no choke- as soon as the engine starts reduce the choke to 1/2 then no choke.

find TDC use manual decomp to move piston just past TDC


repeat once if necessary.

Photos from Sundays BRP ride are here,


Ontario Dual Sport Club

First go to a 70s pilot.

Remove the chock back fire flap.

If you don't have the above. Make sure you idle is above 1000rpm.

Full choke two kicks then half choke should fire.

Witht the flap removed it started full choke on cold days and half chock on warm.

My choke flap is removed...

175 main jet,68s pilot...

It wants a drink of gas to start...

I tip my bike over just enough to make a dribble of gas come out the vent tube,upright bike,flip choke on,TDC drill and it will fire first or second kick then put choke on middle setting for about 30 seconds,then turn off choke..

Works every time :cry:

But i've got the Edelbrock QS on my xmas list :cry:

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