fmf ti4 and quiet core

I am running the fmf ti4 system on my 2001 brp, I recently added dualsport lighting so that I can ride it on the street. My questions are about the quiet core insert for the ti4 system. I would like to know if anyone here has any expirience with them on the brp and if they quiet it down much and also if there was a big power loss with the quiet core installed. Thanks in advance, H-2 :cry:

Not sure if mine has the quiet core or not but I know that I am no where near the DB rating needed for some places. If you find that the quiet core gets you down to the legal db level let me know. :cry:

Had that system on my 99' yzf400. Added a "quiet core" insert. I already had the spark arrestor in it but needed it quieter. Well the QC is nothing more than a SA insert with a big washer welded over the hole to reduce the size of the outlet. $25.00 Ruined the sound big time, and was only slightly quieter. :cry: Didn't notice much diff. in power output, maybe alittle on top end. I think I could of made a better one on my own. Better than nothing if you don't have a choice though.

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