Buddy pegs?

Buddy pegs on a WR450?

I know, it's like dancing in MX boots but running around town I'd like to be able to carry one of my kids. Anyone know what fits/works or where to get some? :cry:

I don't know who makes any but you could always fabricate something. Maybe try Baja Designs, or they could probably direct you to somewhere you could find them.

P.S. How do you like Gig Harbor, my sister in law just moved there from So. Cal, I'll be visiting there for the first time in February.

So Cal to the NW huh? Mmmm... Her first wet winter. Should be interesting. Feb should be nice and wet. :cry: Everyone here will look white and pastie. Course I can't stand the crouded So Cal area either. Maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy.

I have lived here for 32 yrs and am tired of the wet grey dark winters. 4-6mos of the year there is no better place but about now I'm ready to head to Baja.


I'm afraid I will have to come up with my own peg setup. Maybe weld some small tabs onto the swingarm.

I have thought about this for a while, and i reckon the best thing would be to get some big fat bmx pegs and bolt them through the hole in the swingarm. Just make sure they are wearing some proper boots.

Baja designs sells some proper pegs but they are a bit of work and a chunk of money

I have been thinking about this as well.... Seems like the best thing would be to be able to use the bolt and nut in the swingarm somehow. Either that or use the holes for that bolt and have some sort of expanding device that would clamp in there. There are cheaper pegs, but they clamp on to the swingarm and it seems pretty scketchy. They have to be mounted so far back to clear the chain that the passenger's feet would be traveling quite a bit as the suspension moves. I guess the only other option would be to weld tabs onto the frame and use normal street bike pegs that fold up.

I have 2 sets in my trailer.

Do they cause problems with the kickstand?

Not at all. They fold up and out of the way, when not in use.

Bonzai :cry:

Don't mount the pegs to the swingarm, mount them the frame on brackets. If you hit a bad bump the passenger's feet take a hard hit through the pegs. I have seen off road pegs somewhere but you could probably get a set off of a scrapped sport bike and adapt them. A lot of sportbike passenger pegs are mounted to small brackets that bolt to the frame.

I dont think anybody is going to be jumping or doing serious off road with someone on the back. I just want to stick pegs on so i can get me a little leather clad honey and chuck her on the back.

I just want to stick pegs on so i can get me a little leather clad honey and chuck her on the back.

Ha Good luck :cry:

i tried to email them at 4strokes only but their address came back, does anyone else sell these? i really need a set......

Hey mad max, I noticed that on there it said atleast one of the products were available at Flanders, and the flanders site worked for me a couple of months agao, you should try them.

John in Vegas

thanks, i just emailed them.......

I think a set off of a DRZ-S model would be the cleanest set-up. Alluminum tabs would have to be welded to the subframe and then they would bolt on. They look good and fold up out of the way. You can also use them to wheelie on the freeway (assuming you got the skills)

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