I want electric start '02 YZ 426F, Anyone else done this?

I just got my YZ 426 F and think that the starting is a real pain. I'ver read that the cam mod will help, but I really wondered is there an aftermarket electric starter that could go on this bike with relatively little work?

I think cost wise you are better off selling and upgrading to a used 03 WR450. :cry:

I was thinking the same thing, I have the same bike and I am tired of dancing with it to get it started after I crash. I saw am e-start kit for the xr650 for around $800 so I dont think cheap is an option.

get an WR 03 onwards.

Even if you could integrate a starter/clutch assy (good luck!)

then you would have to fit a WR stator, reg/rect/battery.

Tune it properly, then it'll go 1st kick. I cant see why so many ppl have trouble fixing these things.

That's why the WR400/426 are on the market for such a cheap price. They are hard to start and weigh as much as the WR450's without the magic button.

These pigs are easy to start. Seems like there was a time when alot of guys were taking the battery and the starter off the wrs to make them lighter. The cam mod helps but so does a little hand eye coordination.


YZ426 cam timing + YZ needle (or JD is you wish) = first kick starts.

Don't mean to sound rude but your money would be better spent with a gym membership :cry:

The bit that has me confused with the guys that have trouble starting their 426's is this. If you don't have the strength/co-ordination/whaterver to start the bike, how the hell do yoiu ride it? Starting it is a walk in the park compared to riding it hard.

We aren't all located in semi-tropical climates. When the weather gets cold, it gets much harder.

Also, if you drop the bike halfway up some steep slimy slope, it can be really hard just to kick it half-assed, let alone give it a real kick.

Go with the 03 YZF 450 Exhaust cam and you can kick it over like a

2 Stroke, no more 3 for 1 drill. :cry:

no problems starting mine.. but its dialed in pretty good, and I'm a pretty big guy... but it can be hard to kick on a hill and after dumping it, or when you are just plain tired though...

hey smokey123 where at in ut do you ride?

I have an WR 400 2000 and bought an electric start from a guy named Ramirez in Italy

His web site is http://www.ramirez.it

I installed it in my bike and it ran ok.

The kit was about $1200 and it works for a YZ426 also

If you had the jetting right, it would light off easily every time.

Bonzai :cry:

You guys crack me up! :cry: Why would anyone pay $800-$1200 dollars for an electric start is beyond me. :cry: Electric start is fer wussies. If you get stuck on a hill and you can't crank it then turn that baby around, pull yer clutch in, give her second gear, pull your compression release, let head downhill, let the clutch out then the compression release and viola! she starts. If not, maybe you should get it tuned up correctly before you ride again. :cry: Same for if you cannot start on the first kick!

I can EASILY start my bike giving her a half a$$ kick sitting down! Take care of your ride and your ride will take care of you. :cry:

Just like half the guys here said: DO THE CAM MOD!

one kick, and it's an easy kick - bump starts anywhere -

and a better kind of power IMO.

From what I've read I agree, the cam mod will help. As for being a wussie, yeah so what. I went riding this weekend, in the mud, and a friend fell over in about a foot of water and soft clay mud. Once he got up, he could have kicked it doing the whole drill and hoped that it started, but lucky for him he has the WR. Pushed a button and rode out. It's times like that after riding all day that you are a** tired, trying to get back to the truck when I would want an electric start. Oh yeah, and since I'm being wussie I want a softer seat too! :cry:

I'll be picking up a cam soon. Just need to find time to put it in... when I'm not riding that is.

firezwr426 - I have only rode a couple of times in Ut. Had a good time at five mile when the temp got up to 50* F last week. I'm looking for some good trails. I will probably head down to moab this summer and hit up some red rock.

I had a 2001 WR426F and did do the electric start mod. I sold it and bought an 04 WR450F. Problem solved! :cry:

you mean there is a kick start lever on this thing? :cry: maybe i should crack the owner's manual.

why i was kick starting yz490s when you were just a twinkle in your old man's eye. :cry:

magic button :cry: wussies unite!! ride more, lift less!

ok, I'm brand frigging new to dirt bikes (haven't even ridden around the block on mine yet) - 95K mi on street bikes with magic buttons. But if I can learn in an hour how to kick my WR400 (no cam) in 20F weather, what's the problem exactly? Granted I ordered the auto-decomp cam before I figured out my troubles were almost entirely because the gas tank needed to be in reserve. I may still install said CAM since I haven't had the pleasure of trying to kick a hot WR but now that I've figured the method out and she starts within 6 kicks at most (I empty kick a couple just to prime the oil pump) I am having difficulty with the "this bike is hard to start" line of thought.

What am I missing?

I don't have the magic button on mine either. When I bought my WR in the fall of 2002 I had the choice of the e-button of the 2003. I praised myself with my choice when starter troubles came up for the 03. But some times I still wish I had it. Because I know it exists.

I have been riding for quite a few years and to me a real dirt bike was started with a kick. Times are changing.

There are really nice machines out there with the magic button that work flawlessly.

My bike must be an easy starter, the only time I have trouble with it is when I dump it with a wo throttle and I try to kick it without the hot start.

My next dirt bike will certainly have the magic button, but for now I barely miss it. :cry:

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