I want electric start '02 YZ 426F, Anyone else done this?

ok, I'm brand frigging new to dirt bikes (haven't even ridden around the block on mine yet) - 95K mi on street bikes with magic buttons. But if I can learn in an hour how to kick my WR400 (no cam) in 20F weather, what's the problem exactly? Granted I ordered the auto-decomp cam before I figured out my troubles were almost entirely because the gas tank needed to be in reserve. I may still install said CAM since I haven't had the pleasure of trying to kick a hot WR but now that I've figured the method out and she starts within 6 kicks at most (I empty kick a couple just to prime the oil pump) I am having difficulty with the "this bike is hard to start" line of thought.

What am I missing?

If you are 5 ft tall, weigh 120lbs and cant jump you will probably have trouble starting the WR's.

I think 98% of the problems people have starting them are bad tuneup and incorrect technique. It seems a lot of people have a bad tuneup or bad technique, so they go buy a JD kit and/or an auto decomp cam. Suddenly they can start their bike easily. If the tuneup is off (pilot/float/idle screw) it'll be a bitch to start, regardless of what cam and needle you have in your bike.

Talking of tuneups, I bet thats what I'm about to get for my comments.

Just my 2 cents worth.

either that or the irony faries will make your kick start lever snap when you are 20 miles from your car.

You do get a lot better at starting as you ride more.Except when droped there not that hard to start.

Quit being so godamn lazy! I use to ride in snow and fall in icy rivers from time to time when it is bellow 0 outside and kickstart my bike no problem. She would start first or second kick everytime. If you learn how to start the bike and have it tuned properly. And the hardest part of all, your not a *****. Then these are easy to start.

Get off your arse and learn how to do it an stop whineing. You all make me sick. Hamish your welcome to ride with me any day. Seeing how you and I are the only ones that can start a real 426. Without "the cam mod", "the grey wire", "jd jet kit", and a "electric start". You know how easy this bike is to start. It's like F'ing a woman. You gotta know how to do it right or she will hate you.

So quit being so lazy and stop whineing. You make me sick.

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