2005 WR 450 smog elimination kit.

Here are some pics of the plugs I made for my friends '05 to get rid of the smog crap.

pic 1


pic 3

pic 4

Made for a nice clean installation. I made the plugs press fit into the holes and also used a little sealant around them to insure no leaks.

Made in the USA :cry::cry:

:cry: Lowedog

I keep telling my buddy to bring his over to my shop so I can make some plugs for his, but noooooo, he doesn't want to mess with it. :cry:

Pffffttt......panzy :cry:

Hey Anthony, you reading this? :cry:

:cry: Bite me.... :cry:

Great job Lowedog! :cry: That looks clean. :cry: I wish Yamaha would just bite the bullet and go with FI and a small catalytic converter that can be tossed when you replace the pipe! This AIS system is clean air insanity! :cry:

Looks like someone has the making of a future production part! Looks great

Are you going to make more of these to sell? Looks very clean.

Jeez those are gorgeous. I capped the intake and airbox with 50 cent vacuum caps from NAPA, and I am going to a friends shop tomorrow where he will weld the hole closed on the end of the fitting that fits in the head. Not quite as clean though. Nice job!

Nice work Lowedog... I think might have started something... :cry:

Thanks for the compliments guys. I thought I would make a few of these up and list them on ebay.


I'll be looking :cry:

Very nice work !!

I'm new to these, is there any performance gains with the removal of the AIS or just no more backfire during decel ??

Great Work!

No performance gain from removing the AIS. It does eliminate the backfire and cleans up the bike by removing the hoses and body. Lowdogs kit is the TT kit you can buy from the store. There are a few guys here that feel that this kit is a rip off at the price they are charging.( Spend almost $7K for a bike and bitch about $33? :thumbsup:) IMHO the price is negligible the kit looks good and professional when installed. Plus it goes to TT, where I have gotten untold amounts of advice on my bike for free. Yamaha also sells a kit with clamp plugs, #48PJ, jet needle, and a YZ throttle stop. You can get the kit for a little more than the TT kit.

Thanks for the compliments. The TT AIS elimination kit is a permanent removal. It doesn't add any performance other than eliminating the popping caused by the AIS. This makes dialing in your jetting way easier. It also allows for the use of some after market tanks that won't fit with the AIS installed.

:thumbsup: Lowedog

It also allows easier access to the Right side of the carb. Just that alone was enough to sell me. I found it clean and easy to install. I did the JD kit, TT AIS kit and Zip Ty mods at the same time. Opened up the exhaust and air box. The bike is monster. The guys I ride with that have older 426's that don't visit TT are impressed with my bikes performance.



Nice bike! :crazy:

From your photos, I see something like a steering lock in the lower tripple, isn't it? I want to know where can I buy it. :ride:

And, is that a YZ rear fender? What year will fit the 06WR?


Rear fender is ACERBIS original WR look like YZ. Rear diod light ACERBIS.

Steering lock isn´t there.

Handlebar adapters is home made.

My bike is WR450F 2006.



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