Racing fuel bad for carb?

I was just cruisin' TT and read the the resent post yz400 hp, and read the review of the 98' 400f I found one part that said that racing fuels hurt the carb. I have a 99' 400f and have been running VP 110 leaded for the last year. The bike runs better than new. And I asked the dealer they said they didn't know except that the leaded is good for the top end. Anyone have opinions on this?

Nobody knows?

All I know is I've run Citgo 110 leaded for a long time with no problems. I heard lead cushions the valve against the seat, I don't know if this is true or not. As far as carb problems go, I've never had any troubles, never even had the carb off my bike or changed any jets.

the original purpose of leaded fuels, before they came up with hardened valve seats, was to create a better seal around the valves and the seat. with better metals, and tougher emissions laws, we now have unleaded gasoline.

i don't think your carb will be affected...but this thread has some GREAT info...

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