Rear fender for XR600

I thought to replace the original ugly one to a mx fender. But which mx fender fits best/looks best?

If your biggest beef with the stocker is the tail light, then Acerbis makes a fender identical to stock, but without the tail light well/indent. It is a pretty nice part. You have to drill the mount holes but that is no big deal at all, and lets you ensure it is 100% straight.

You need to go to Four Strokes Only and look at the nice page they have set up that lists all the rear fender options (or at least most of them). Not associated with them in any way - just noticed their page was quite informative.


Oh, Thanks.

Nice page but the fenders there looks a bit to curved.

Looking for a fender that is rather streight (can you say so?!) like the fenders on new bikes. (KTM fender is a good examlpe)

It doesent need to be one for XR600, i'll modifie it but it should "fit in" with the other on the bike.. (hope you se what I meen)

I had the same issue - I hated the curved enduro fender and replaced it with a heavily modified MX style fender from a 2005 CR 250. It looks trick. Almost like a new bike now.

Cemoto XR600 MX rear fender from 4 Strokes Only. Pricey but fits well and gave my L a whole new look.



B]Originally posted by Fuct[/b]

Cemoto XR600 MX rear fender from 4 Strokes Only. Pricey but fits well and gave my L a whole new look.

Where did you get the black gas tank? If you painted it how is the paint holding up? I was of the understanding that you could not paint a plastic gas tank. By the way, trick looking bike! :)

thanks for the compliment. tank is from IMS. black plastic, not painted. side covers are painted with Krylon Fusion though. just painted them this week. i'll find out how it holds up this sunday on my canyon trip. will post a report on the painted plastics after my sunday ride.

I have found a fender who fits rather good, from a YZF of later years. Cost like 17 bucks or so, so its a bit cheaper then the 50 bucks specialfenders. Have also made an alu "holder" for the light. (post pictures soon)

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