AvNow or Drilled PowerNow???????

Hey guys, i've been reading alot about the AvNow and the drilled PowerNow mod but I cant seem to find anything on which is better? Just wondering if anyone knows the pro's and con's of each or whick is better? :cry: Thanks guys

I drilled my powerNow and I really don't know how much of a difference it made. I didn't do back to back rides with it. I don't think it lost anything from drilling it. I remember seeing dyno sheets showing about 1hp more on the bottom end. But who really knows, I guess it didn't hurt it lol.

Right on, thanks. Does anyone think one is better than the other???

If it's new then go ahead and drill it. IF you already have a powernow then you probably won't notice a difference.

Didn't they just drill it to patent it? The original powerNow had no hole - after 1-2 companies came out with the same device - all of a sudden the "hole" issue came up - I have been happy with my holeless powernow

Some have said the hole makes no difference - I would like to know if it does or not. Also, I want to know about the powernow plus that goes in front of the carb - this is retively new - anyone tried it with decent results?

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