04 wr450 jetting Thanks

:cry: Thanks for all the input I printed out the info so I get it right. :cry: Your all the best.If any of you wr lovers are in are in my neck of the woods Cow mtn. or the CC camp in northern Ca. drop me a note gonfootin@hotmail.com I know the trails and will make sure you go home with a smile and sore mussels. :cry:

Thanks agian Barefootbob

I ride CC Camp almost every Sunday. I have an '04 WR450 I got about 3 months ago and I haven't found ANY time to really play with it. Still need to dial in the jetting and so fourth.

lets go riding.Sundays are good:thumbsup:I like starting half way up sledridge and heading out toward bearcreek that trail is so fun.we normaly do 30+ miles

What part of Northern CA. are these places, southern Oregon here, might have to make a trip sometime to check it out.

I also ride from Lower Deer Valley road. Lower Sled Ridge is like a freeway (too much traffic). I like to ride way out back into Stonyford area. Beautiful riding back there and we don't seem to find that much traffic.

CC Camp is about 4 hours from the Oregon/Cali border on 101. CC Camp is off of Hwy 20 just north of Ukiah. I would love to get up to Oregon to ride, here there is some beautiful riding in those parts?

So Bob, what are you running for jets? Since we ride the same places with the same bike you've taken the guess work out of it for me. :cry:

With all this rain it should be pretty good up there if it doesn't rain to much more. Hopefully no snow though.

write now my bike is stock but not for long I did the free mods put a 1000 miles and now I'm ready to kicker up a notch.I got great replys off my question Exhaust and jetting I printed out the info and checking in to the parts.Ya rain last time it snowed up their Nick and I wher 1st track what a blast! the next day was frozen ruted snow not fun.

I haven't even had time to do all the free mods. All I've done is GYTR insert and throttle stop. I love it so far. I guess if I took a day off from riding on Sunday I could get the rest of them done but I love riding it. So you have already did all the free mods and jetted it too? Are you riding this weekend?

Dident do the jetting just the free mods If I change my exhaust I'll do the jetting.My bike runs perfict all the way from cc camp to the look out point at Lake Puilsberry elevation.6000ft.I stiffend up my suspention and slowed down the rebound and man that bike really sucks up the bumps now.Yes I'll ride this sunday rain or shine not sure about the snow I think it will be ok no snow up Spy Rock wich has high elevations.I would worry more about getting over the allowed rain fall before they close the place down.If that happens they wont open back up untill they have a few days of no rain.

I'm pretty sure I'm going this Sunday but won't know until Friday. I'll keep you updated. I DID add a stiffer spring to the shock and spent a day dialing in the suspension and it's GREAT. :cry:

I dident change springs rode it at the stock settings for about 700 miles and did the same spent some time adjusting alot better.E mail me at gonfootin@hotmail.com I'll reply with phone #s so we can hook up.YA!!! broooop!!yeha

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