Aftermarket Header

I have just installed the GYT-R exhaust system. The header is very close (approx. 1/8")to my radiator. I have not taken it for a ride yet, I am concerned about the lack of clearance. I don't plan to let the bike sit idling, but I am still concerned that riding could cause an overheating issue. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. BTW, I have a 2001 426. Thanks

I'd worry about the radiator contacting the header far more than the question of radiant heat. If it doesn't hit, I'd say it's fine. Be sure your right radiator isn't pushed back a little bit.

I wouldn't really worry about radiant heat like gray says. The radiator is already hot from doing it's job so I would suspect the temperature differnce isn't that great.

I was considering getting the White Brothers E-Series Headpipe. Is that a good choice? Either use a White Brothers, Yoshi or D&D can. What do you suggest? I just bought this bike a week ago.

Todd, I got my GYT-R from ebay. If you want a carbon fiber exhaust, don't get GYT-R, the muffler only looks like carbon fiber. The only carbon on it is the end cap. Of course, this shouldn't affect the performance. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks MyYama...I'm hearing that the White Brothers full system is pretty good for this bike. I also heard the stock header is actually pretty good and you will do fine with just a pipe and jetting. Did you jet?

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