Races: 250f's in 250 class

I recently have become aware that alot of people are using 250f's in the 250 class races. This used to not bother me but when you have 130 pound guys riding 210 pound bikes with 160+ pounders on 220+ pound bikes, the bigger guys really wont stand a chance in tight sections. Sure we got more power but it is proven that you can outturn a 450 with a 250f easily.

I know I am kinda ranting but I think personally if you are gonna race in the big boy class, you gotta ride a big boy bike and have to deal with the weight and power differences. In AMA races you can't ride a 250f in the 250 class. I talked to an AMA official and he said they put that in place to level the playing field. And the Pro levels have weight minimums for bikes which would prevent over bores and such to race in the bigger class.

I know most of us race on the local amatuer level, but I still think for fairness and general competitive nature of our sport, the rules should be the same.

Just ranting and wondering if anybody else felt this way! Have fun riding! :cry:

Just remember that if you do an overbore in the 250F bikes or 125s, that will bump you from the 125 to 250 class.

All local race bodies have different rules, but a 262 is not a 125 class bike anymore.

I believe your wrong there. I think ama states in the 2004 rule book that a 262f is legal in the 125 class. But that is the max bore you can do I believe or it is not ama legal.

yes, a 262f is legal in the 125 class, i believe for repair purposes...

The people who should be complaining are the 2-stroke riders. They have to run with bikes that have twice the displacement. WTH, there's already 250's in your class now, right? Aren't they as light or lighter than the 250F? And more powerful?

They are lighter than 450's but not as light as a 250f.

250f's are not able to run in the 250 classes in my distirct!

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