04 starter upgrades results in disaster!

guys i replaced every starter part on my 03 including the 04 case and torque limiter.problem is the the teeth on starter drive do not have the right clearances and with no way of adjusting it.ate a NEW starter in no time.i had my dealer to call tech and you know what they said.so i put a new starter with my 03 parts back in and no problems.....oh with the exception of another flywheel key shearing right after i installed the 03 parts.yes i lapped it in again and this time no loctite on the crank only on the nut.bottom line has anyone had this problem with the 04 up grades?

You are the first. I have had the 04 upgrade on the bike for 8 months now.

I ride every weekend and I have had no issues at all. I also have not heard of one failure with the 04 upgrade. You are the first and I suspect that something did not go together right. :cry:

I did mine 6 months ago and have had no problems.

Did mine in July, she still runs/starts fine, no wierd noises....

I did mine in August no problems yet. I did hear it "work" once though--a real loud clunk sound came from the new gear. I really thought something was broken---hit the e-start and it fired up without any problem. It is a very erie sound;not too comforting.

Sorry about your issues. That sucks.

However, the OEM part numbers for the starter motor are exactly the same from 2003 to 2004. Hence, teeth clearances would be the same as well.

I think upgrading to the 04 parts and the starter going bad is just coincidence. IMO, the starter motor on the WR were not build for long-term reliability. I think some of the reliability was sacrificed for weight savings.

The starter on my DRZ400 is beefer then the one on my WR450, and it's got 50 less cc to crank over.

Sorry to hear about your problem. Maybe there is some other damage to the cases which occured during an earlier backfire with the 03 parts. A closer inspection of where the gears mount may tell you something.

I'm just getting ready to do my upgrade. Have all the parts. Let us know what you find.

I hope you get it figured out. My upgrade has been going strong for over six months now. :cry:

thanks for the feed back i put the new 03 case and the 2nd new starter on and no problems,i also went from a 50 to a 52 pilot,starting better than ever,when you get your parts on look close at the drive teeth ,on mine it was obvious that it was not going to work .also when i had the 04 parts it made a high pitch sound as if it was to tight.hopefully i am the only one who encounters this expensive lesson.

I dont understand the cause of the poor fit on the first failure? Can you enlighten us some more? :cry:

Did you happen to inspect the starter gear teeth when you originally did the upgrade? The reason I ask is a friend of mine removed his starter on his '03 and found that some of the the teeth were chewed up. The reason he removed it was he thought it was making a weird sound sometimes.


whats happening is the drive teeth are riding on the tq limiter teeth causing the high pitch sound of death.when i tried it at the shop a couple times i already had shavings from the starter drive .if it were a v8 i would say i need to shim it ,but there is no way to move the starter in or out.for sale new 04 case 04 tq limiter washers and cover complete set up was put on and i did not even fire the engine just turned it over a couple times

indy the 1st failure was because dealer ordered a 03 case instead of a 04 so i ordered a 2nd case being a part no ending in 10 instead of 00.{possibly the same case with new number} i got another new tq limiter and another new starter so here we go again with all new parts and same thing just hit the button and you know not to do it again!so heck with it i put my 03 parts back on and problem solved! but darn i hate to be out done!!!!!!

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