Chaparral Mail Order--Horrible Customer Service Be Aware

I went into the shop and not only was I ignored, but one of their people was rude to my wife. That lost them my business.

They probably are required to ask for the fax of the CC as SOP for phone orders - trying to prevent CC fraud. I ordered a helmet from Dennis Kirk a few years ago & they called back to verify the order & number. The lady stated that helmets were a trigger item for fraudulent orders.

Not that Chapparel Cust Serv is any good...



Chaparral may have good prices but their customer service is worse than any other business I've dealt with in years.

I ordered over 800.00 worth of gear/parts and they felt the need for me to fax a copy of my credit card to them. I have ordered from them before with no problems. That's why I chose them when placing this rather costly order. They were very rude and unwilling to help me. I have no problem taking my business elsewhere. If you choose to do business with them, BE CAREFUL. I don't think they will be very helpful if you ever have a problem with them. They must not need our business.... :D:)


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I couldn't agree more. I bought my bike from Chapparal a couple of years ago. What a mistake. The only thing Chapparal has going for it is the size of the inventory. If I'm in the area and I want to compare products, I'll stop in. Otherwise, they define bad.


First thing in the morning last Monday I placed an order with Chapparal online. I wanted to make sure that I had parts for this weekend to ride. Five days, thats plenty for shipping UPS ground right? Well on Wednesday, two full days later I get a confirmation e-mail from them stating the order has finallly been shipped. :) Two days to process an order online? So much for high tech. So if you are going to order from them, either use the phone or be very patient for your order to arrive and don't expect it by the weekend.

I thought I was the only one, actually a friend of mine ordered a chain and sprockets from Chapparral, they said no problem. I ordered mine from Mr. X ( 800 536 6680 renthal gold chain & sprocs . mr X was $50 less!!! mine were on the bike 3 nights later!!! WOW&COOL!! steve calls chap crap..... order lost!! 2 days later ( after order has been placed w/ mr x) they found the order- charged his card. and 4 yes 4 week back order on the CHAIN!! what, no chain in stock. oh well

MR. X was happy to have my business and the $ are great!!

buy the time you pay shipping along with there minimum order requirement its a wash!Always support you local shops if possible, if you do business on a regular basis you can ask for 10% off,they'll usually agree. They stand to make more money in parts and service than bike sales,and you have a better chance if something goes wrong!

Beware!!! I would not buy from Mr. X. I live just a few miles from Mr. X (that is the mail order name, the shop name is Magic Racing). I drive many miles away to shop at other shops.

The owner is known around the area for having absolutely NO customer support. He takes your cash, then says "screw you".

Actually, he has never said "screw you." But he has said, "F@#$ you", and also "You didn't get an inferior product like that here" (When I did). And also, "Too bad, now it's your problem." Etc.

Here is a link to local comments about the place:


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For what it is worth I have been getting OEM parts from and it has been fantastic. I have not found lower prices anywhere and the turn-around time has been great compared to the shop I go to that never has anything in stock.


Yup, chapparal sux. I ordered some stuff from them back in 98, and it never showed up. After about a week and a half, I called them, and found out that there was some sort of problem they had with my credit card (AMEX) and just canceled the order, and never called to tell me! Turned out it was some BS over the billing address not matching the shipping address. I would have understood if they called to verify, but they just cancled the order and never called. Never again will they get my business. They were real rude too.

the only problem with chaparral to me is that i call up to buy bike parts and end up ordering from some little 16 year old chick who thinks a wr is a honda! usually i'll ask for someone who rides to talk to but don't get it. if i know exactly what i want i'll order but forget about asking the hottie how many links you need in your chain- "Well the computer says you need 5 quarts?".

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