Yz 450 or Cr 450?

Hi guys im new here and love tt already. I am in the process of purchasing a new 450 and am torn between the yz and cr. I heard the yz is suited for larger riders. I am 6'2" 250. I used to race a yz 250 in the early 90s and a cr 250 in the late 80s and they were both great bikes. I had a cr500 for the last 5 years and it was just too much for the riding i do now. I never go on a mx track anymore only woods and trail riding. I know this has probably been asked a hundred times but i would like you guys opinions on this cuz i wanna make the right choice. Thanks

whats your favorite color?j\k :cry: their both great bikes but for trail riding and woods i would probably lean towards a wr and not a yz or crf.

Yeah, a WR sounds more suitable for you. After doing all of the free mods you'll have the same performance as the YZ. You'll have the headlight too.

The Honda will be better suited for trail riding because of it's five speed tranny. I prefer the YZ for moto though.


No motocross - I would not buy either - YZF or CRF

For Trails/ Woods only I would buy:

1. KTM 300EXC or the 450EXC!!!! There is no better woods bike PERIOD! :cry:

2. CRFX450

3. WR450


Trailriding!!!!....the Cr and the YZ are motoheads.....definetly go to the KTM dealer and buy a EXC525......you will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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