HELP!!! I need a flywheel puller - 03 WR450

I want to ride this weekend, but I need to pull my flywheel so I can replace my starter clutch. The local shop said they had a puller, but the one they gave me was for a YZ. They have one ordered for me, but it will never be here on time.

If someone has one they could sell (or loan), I'd pay fedex charges to have it sent. Please PM me if you have one.



I got one in my tool box at home and I am on the road. Wont get back until Friday. Sorry I cant help out! :cry:

I have the one that came with the Baja Design kit I installed on my 98 400, have not had the 05 apart to see if it would work or not. If you can check if it will work your welcome to use it. I'm in Redlands so shipping should not be much.

I don't think one for a WR400 will work. Damn. This really sucks

i have one if you need it,pm me.I can get it in the mail in the morning...


Just use a regular gear puller. You can buy on at any automotive store. IE: Napa, Checkers, Autozone.

It works just fine. If your flywheel has been loctite on, you will want to heat it up before you try to pull it off.

OK.. I got one. I had to go to Hesperia to get it.... but I got it!!!


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