#9 YZ426F for Sale! LOOK!!

Nice bike. Is it a '02?

it's an 01

Satch,, care to do a plastic swap, tank for tank, everything else etc, hehe,, with maybe a lil bit of money involved.. PM me if interested... Wouldn't mind getting that 450 look. :cry::cry:

nah, it's either sell the bike as is or keep her.

Thought I'd try,, :cry:

hmmm...............#9 for sale, what will take her place???

250 aluminum frame perhaps???

inquiring minds wanna know!!! :cry:

you know I can't tell you that....at least until I actually get it!

do one of your friends a favor and tell them about this bike! :cry:

I would keep it but three bikes in the garage will put me in the dog house !!!!

If only I was in the market for another bike. You gotta know that is one well maintained sweet deal from Satch. Good luck

Can I buy the 450 plastic mod stuff from you ...I know just dreaming.. :cry: That plastic mod is one of the coolest mods on the the 426.

Hey Satch,

definitely a cool looking bike. I have a 04 450 and an 00 Yz426 and it looks like you have melded the two. It was my wallpaper at work for a while (so many folks wanted to see it). You should work for Yamaha and build bikes (426 with YZ450 parts/plastics).

too cool...

I came across it for sale on ebay - ebay

yeah it's there. I have some local bids but want to see if the ebay auction goes anywhere. Hopefully it's not just all my TT and ATM buds watching! LOL

30 min left on eBay

30 min left on eBay

"runerror" got a great deal! :cry:

$2,276.00 !!!! No Way! :cry:

I doubt he'll let it go that cheap...

I think he has to. Sad to see it go that cheap.

Satch, how much money to turn my 426 into a Satch YZ450 beast like yours? I have all the parts.

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