JD jetting?more Q input vs powercore IV

JD jetting is this a brand of jetting?In the replys from my exhaust & jetting I was told the recommend exhaust and jetting sizes and than in the reply was told [JD jetting another good idea].My dealer called FMF they told them the powercoreIV is expensive when you go with the insert's because the other parts are sold seperitly and even with the insert it's still to loud for northern Ca.and that the Q has a removable insert that alowes for better flow and still keeps the spark arrester.On one reply from toyota_mdt_tech he says his bike roles in at 93db with the insert in.I dont mind paying the extra for the powercoreIV if it will meet sound req.One more thing, If I wast my money on that Q do I still go with the jetting up grades? :cry:

for sale 03 KX500

I would go with the powercore IV ! The quiet core insert is a 1" diameter x 8" long tube that the flow must pass thru. You can reduce the noise below 96 db by flattening the tip of the tube slightly to further reduce the flow. Fine tune it to pass the sound test and remove it when you want to run uncorked. :cry:

JD jetting is a brand of a jetting kit made by James Dean. You can find it here at the TT store, and to answer your other post, yes they make a kit specific to the WR450. The difference in the jets is the with the needle jet supplied, it is redesigned for smoother power.

The Powercore IV silent insert is a removeable insert you can put in the muffler when you need it, the Spark arrestor is a separate part of the muffler too attached at the end (basically a screen), both of these work together or you can use one or the other, the choice is your given the area you are riding in. The Silent insert is purchased separately from the muffler. I think is was like $20.00.

I found a good deal here www.motosport.com they are out of Eugene, Or so it dont take long to get it.

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