what weight is 01 fork oil for wr450


The manual states to use yamaha 01 oil in the forks but does not mention what weight it is.

I asked the dealer & they had no idea.

Any one know what it is or recomend a weight.

The cost of the 01 oil in Australia is $39.95 :cry:

I was told by a pro MX mechanic that it is 5 weight oil and that is what I have been using with no problems.

thanks heaps

I can get quality fork oil for 1/2 the price of the yamaha oil.

the 01 weight is about 15 weight oil the problem with it is that it goes tacky like glue i use 5 weight oil much better handling but keep an eye on your shims thay get blocked and the forks will bottom out lot :cry: send them to a suspension place to look over them. :cry:

I use 5 weight as well with suspension set at full soft. I ride 90% in the woods.

If your doing alot of MX, 10 weight would be OK. I wouldn't go 15 though.

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