New BRP owner

I have an 05 XR650R and I would like to know what exactly uncorking is?

Uncorking simply means to remove all the smog crap that the manufacture has to put on to appease the tree huggers.

Theres lots of info in the archives about uncorking...

Congrats on getting the bike, and welcome!

If it is a California bike, there is quite a bit you can do. First off, it needs to be re-jetted (Anywhere between 165 and 175 depending on the altitude of where you ride). Then you need to fiddle with the needle (stock I believe is set at the second position, move it to the fourth). That's enough for the carb. You have to then take care of the exhaust. You have the option of removing the extra crap with a drill, or buying something newer (and a HECK of a lot lighter). Then you need to replace the intake manifold with the bigger unit (it's available at a Honda dealer under this part #:16211-MBN-640). Then take out the rubber boot on the inside of the airbox (check out this page for a better picture: Outside of that, throw on a stabilizer, a fat tank, new pegs and gear it 15/47 and you've got yourself a race-ready beast....Good Luck!

See for all kinds of info on this bike including uncorking info.

Actually the uncorking can be done fairly inexspensively. The restricted boot can be opened up with a razor knife. The aluminum insert can be pulled out by hand. When you remove it, you will see what I mean. Just trim the inside to where it is slightly bigger than the mating surface on the head.

Exhaust tip: I didn't have a hole saw that was the right size, so I drilled several one-eighth holes around the major diameter you want, and punched it out with a hammer and old screw driver. Then I dressed up the rough edges with a dremel. Looks like factory equipment now. I made a holder out of wood to keep from damaging the spark arrester screen while pounding on it.

The jet "kit" can be purchased on e-bay for about fifteen bucks.

Good Luck,

Winkel :cry:

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