YZ needles for WR on 01 426

I have an 01 WR 426 that I YZ timed I am going to get a YZ needle but have a couple of questions. The 01 YZ comes with a EJP needle and in all the searches that I have done most of you are running the EKP. It seems that the 01 426 runs very different jetting. should I try the EJP of the EKP first? I know that you guys have explained this before. Is'nt one clip position the same for both needles?


The EKP was an optional needle for the ’00 YZ but the EJP was not, so that is why it is so many guys ended up with the former.

No matter, they are almost identical. The EKP is a half clip leaner is all, so the clip position is not the same, but it is the only thing that is different. Get whichever they have in stock.

The needle (and acc. pump diaphragm) were the only carb changes from ’00 to ’01 on the YZ.

Thanks Hick I'll try the EJP and see if it makes a differece over the DRR

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