nuts & bolts

I'm looking for a bolt kit.

You know a kit with a bunch of nuts & bolts...something that I can throw in the motor home in case I loose a bolt in the desert it doesn't have to ruin a weekend.

Does anybody know where to get one? I know I've seen them in shops before but I'm haveing a hard time finding one now that I actually want to get one.

Do they make one specific to the BRP?

If you look at Harbor Freight website or catalog, or even your local hardware store, you can usually find METRIC nut and bolt kits, ... hardware store will have the loose assorted nuts, bolts, etc.... I always try to use the "NyLock" (aircraft-type lock nuts) ... you shouldn't need more than a couple of each size, Hondas dont have nuts falling off, if even poorly maintained .... remember Metric bolts are sized by the diameter of the threaded portion, where SAE (American) bolts are sized by the size of the head ... example: if you use a 10mm wrench on a bolt , it is normally a 6mm bolt ... always compare the threads to the original where possible ... some older metric bolts had a tiny "dot" on the head, designating a slightly different "ISO" thread ... hope this helps a little bit

try - Ebay

SAE is NOT sized by the head. A 9/16" SAE bolt does not have a 9/16" head. It will fit a 9/16" hole.

Almost all the bolts on the BRP are 6mm. A few are 8mm and there are a couple 10mm. Of course there are obvious larger ones like the axles and steering head and what not--but the stuff that might fall off is all 6, 8 and a few 10.

The easiest and cheapest way to go is the nuts and bolts section at Home Depot-- just buy 5-6 6mm bolts in various lengths. Then a few washers and nuts. Do the same for 8mm. It shouldnt cost more than $3-4 -- if you find a small large mouthed plastic container (those spark plug holders work well) then you can put the bolts/nuts in there and stash it in your pocket or pack. Add 2-3 cotter pins, a little safety wire, 2-3 electrical connectors, some quick steel, quick aluminum and quick plastic--plus the small roll of black duct tape, and you are one got yer shiite together dude!

On the other extreme there is --- every metric Ti nut and bolt you could imagine--and made here in the USA....

I have a combo of both on my Dakar bike!

Thanks, I was thinking of one of those cool bike specific kits but now that I think about it the home depot rout sounds like the way to go.

I really just need some stuff to get through a weekend if something falls off and don't need to spend an arm and a leg to do it.

Speaking of bolts falling I the only one that keeps replacing bolts that fall out for the back fender?

How many more times will it take before I use some locktight? :cry:

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