First race, SETRA sunday, MUD!

My first race is sunday, and it's going to be muddy

any tips?

What tire preasure everyone run?

The race will be in farmland & woods from what I understand.

We practiced at Rock Creek saturday, which is the same conditions, the only problem I had, the rear end would swing wide, hardpack slick mud the tire would break loose and spin out & around.

I'm thinking tire presure is about the only thing I can do to adjust for that, sugestions?

Tires are new, bike is ready, I'm not sure what to expect as far as jumps, I probably can soften up comp clickers front & rear

You'll probably be in deep ruts that will hold your tires in place. Expect a mind numbing sensory onslaught as the terrain and competition challenge you. I'm an A rider and this still happens to me. Try to relax and don't make any last minute changes to your bike. That will just throw you off. I'd just run the normal 12 or so psi in my tires. :cry:

Rocky Creek is actually in much better condition than Perry is. Be careful..... Throttle control, Throttle Control, Throttle Control......

Bonzai :cry:

Rocky creek was about 90 % slick rutless mud

the atv's love sliding around the corners, there were a few berms to have fun in, but usually so wide that it was faster to go slower on the inside

I figured the place would be dry, it was a mudfest

good practice though

what type of race is perry? I heard it's pasture & woods, with at least one place I can enjoy the WR's horsepower & top end

I bought spare gloves, I may change gloves after the first lap, depends on if I'm in a group and if I'm dry

I really hate ruts, for some reason I always tense up and pull on the bars, always pulling to the right

I also would try running in a higher gear and use the tourqe of the bike. If not to rocky I use about 9lbs.Slow you rebound down also.Front and back. Good luck bro :cry:

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