XR650L Supermotard Suspension Setup?

I have completed building my XR650L Motard for next years racing season. I am curious to how people have been setting up their suspension.

I have been told to set it up really loose, but this goes against what I know about set up. It should still be set up with 30mm sag? Rebound and damping?

Please let me know and explain why you set it up that way.

Try the Supermotard forum and you might have better luck.

Please Tell me I am not the only person on this sight who is racing a motard.

If you are going to race an XR650L, get ready to have your ass handed to you. CRF250Rs will even stomp you into the dirt.

Don't get me wrong, I have an XR650L supermoto and I love it, but it is WAYYYYY far from being a racebike.

Trust me I know, It's far from being a fast bike. It's a combo of a Motard, A bike the Girlfriend can take onto the track (she aint getting on the GSXR1000), and a pit bike. But I still have it street legal so Its fun around town too. Lets just call it a multi-purpose motorcycle.

I really want to buy a Honda CR500 and make that my MOTO. She'll haul ass.

CR500 'tard will be fast, but 2 smokers have completely the wrong kind of power characterstics for supermoto racing. That's why there aren't any 250cc or greater competitive 2 stroke supermotos.

If you want to race supermoto, getchersef a CRF250R or CRF450R.

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