pro taper help?

I am 6'1" and ride a YZ 450 with a pro circuit topclamp and pro taper yz high bend i am getting a new set of bars what would be a good bend for my height in pro taper only.

Honda tall is popular, Button bend is taller yet I think.

I'm 6 foot and I just got the Windham bend. I like it a lot. It's higher and straighter than the YZ High bend that I previously had.

Im 6'1" and just changed to the Doug Henry(Chad Reed) bend from stock. Works great for me.I think the only difference between the Henry and Windham is the Windham is a bit taller.

The RC highs are real sweet!

Windham bend works for me very well and I am 6'1"

The RC highs are real sweet!

"RC" and "high" in the same sentence, talk about contradiction! :cry:

Windham bend works for me very well and I am 6'1"

I had Windham ProTapers worked good for me(6'3) and now I use RC Fatbar, either bar good for taller riders.

I am 6' 4" and have CR high.

I'm 6'1" also and I like the Winham bend very much. In fact I just ordered a new set. I run them on a clamp that lets me move them forward also (mine are centered over the fork caps). Very comfy setup that gives you lots of leverage.

put a ProTaper Triple clamp (adjustable kind) with the Windham Bend Bars and is fitting me much better at 6'2". Still not as stretched forward as my KTM620, but better.

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