WR400 vs. YZ flywheel puller

What is different about these. I looked at the motion pros Dennis Kirk has and the there are seperate units for the YZ and WR. The price for the YZ was about $15 but the WR was $30 :cry: . What digs? :cry: Do I actually need a 'WR' puller for my bike or will the YZ work?


Any help :cry:

Thye are different. The WR uses a completely different flywheel, wont interchange. I just bought one for my 04 WR450 and also ordered one for a YZ450. I found a guy on ebay who sells gobs of these. I just bought one for each rig I had that he was selling. A flywheel puller is one of those tools no one ever buys until the last minute when he needs one. I figured I'd be one step ahead of the game and ge tthem before i have to have them. His username for ebay is duckbill_85 and he only has 3 listed now, but usually has no less than 20 or so. He is always selling them, so check back after the weekend when he list a bunch more. I have purchased a bunch of the pullers for my other bikes (see my garage) from Dennis Kirk also, first class stuff, reasonable prices too.

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