02 650R jetting??

A riding buddy of mine just picked up a 02 XR650R and wants me to do some basic mods to get the bike to start better and jetted correctly. I have'nt seen the bike yet, but he says it's in great condition with under 500 miles on it. I'll pick it up this weekend and thought this would be a good place to look for info. His biggest problem is hard starting, I've tryed to explain the 4 stroke starting routine!!, (he's not a mechanical type of guy), so he's abit frustrated!. + he lives in a very cold & wet area. I want to to start with the basics, (the bike is stock), so I need need to know what can be done with jetting, 3000' up, airbox mod,s, mod,s to stock exaust, starting routine ect., any info would be appreciated. :cry:

I'd type up what the procedure is for this bike but we've all done it so much. Just do a search for "uncorking" and you'll have plenty to go on.

Can't we get a moderator to pin up a few threads?

#1) How to uncork you piggy

#2) Difference between 68 and 68S Pilot Jet

#3) Best Chain

#4) Best Tires

#5) Typical Piggy problems (i.e. overfilling oil, foot peg breaking etc)

Where is our BRP Moderator?? I nominate BWB or Qadsan for Moderator!!

Another thing to remeber with all the XR's in the cold morning---kick the bike thru at least 10-15 times with the decomp pulled in. Flip the choke up, Then try the 3 kick , TDC, nudge it, and kick thru starting routine.

On the baja tours we routinely start 10-12 bikes in the AM--lately there has been frost on the ground...those bikes are SO cold. Kicking 20+ times to cycle the engine and then a serious attempt at starting it works well.

Of course the best way to cure the BRP newbie kick start blues is to get either an e-start or the edelbrock carb!

Thanks, good info!!. :cry:

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