BITD. Races

Will be racing BITD next year.

Anyone have info on gearing etc?

Are they similar to Score Races?

How is the Parker 225?

Thanks in advance for any responce.

I raced the Parker race two years ago. The course has some rocky sections near the start and last a few or so miles, then it opens up.. The terrain is mostly soft with a lot of rocks. The course is really nice, you'll spend a lot of time on fast jeep roads for most of the loop. The best part of the course is the graded dirt highway that's as smooth as a babys butt, it lasts for a few miles, you'll feel like a flattracker.. I personaly wouldn't gear up your bike (assuming it's an XR650) I just don't think the course warrants it. I would leave it alone..

Have fun...


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