getting new bike ?yz250f or yz450f

Im 37 , 230lb and have been riding on a 2001 yz 426 for about 6 months on mild mx and trails .My son is 19 140lb about 5'8" and has been riding about the same amount of time on a yamaha tt600 ,86 mod that I got a deal on .We are starting to get regular at riding and he is darn good to be on such an old heavy bike but is wanting a new bike now .His only gripes with the 600 besides being old clunky and heavy and ugly is in the turns and trails easy to lay over hard to get up and start again but fine on straights and jumps .Should I get him a yz 250 that may be easier and lighter but way less power than he is used too or should I get a 450 and keep the power but hope the newer bike and lighter weight than his 86 600 will be a lot easier to handle . Thanks for any input ,have gotton a lot from this sight already , Darren

idk if he is used to the 600 maybe a 450 he would like the 450 better than a 250F. i for one are moving from my 04 yz 250f to a 450 at the end of the 05 season. and im turning 17 in less than 2 months.

if your only doing woods riding i would also look at the wr 450F. it had a wide ratio and 5 gears,and lights,. but is also a little heavier than the yz 450


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