Eline skid plate

Anyone using the carbon fiber Eline skid plate? I know its more money, but I just love the look of carbon fiber even if its on the bottom of my bike.

i have put two of these bad boys on! one on my first 98, and had to have one on the new bike, I'd say its worth the money. smooth, full coverage, looks cool, BUT it holds lts of mud... put a piece of foam in there to keep the weight down. The 98 had a BIG jump come up short once, i think the carbon fiber slid over the corner of the jump better than the stock plate. It left a small ding, better than a dented frame!! I LOVE MINE!

IMHO if your into esthetic value, get the CF plate. If your into riding rocks, logs, etc. get a good heavy aluminum plate - not a skimpy glide plate like the stock one.

I managed to crack a CF plate the first time out and put a big dent in one of the down tubes. Replaced the plate with a heavy duty Moose plate and haven't had any similar damage since.

I also believe the money you'll save could be invested in other goodies for you bike.

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