S. FL riding at Seminole track Saturday

Not sure how many people there are in my area (South Florida) but myself and YZFan and possibly one more rider (2-stroke, so he will remain anonymous) are planning on riding Seminole Tribe Motorcross track this Saturday.

Seminole Tribe Motocross track web site

If you've never been there, lately they have had 2 tracks open and half the way the bikes ride one track and the quads ride the other. One is very tight and technical supercross type, and one is a little more open. About noonish we switch tracks. These guys do a great job, the tracks are a blast and feel a lot safer than Thundercross in Okeechobee (higher chance of survival if you come up short or overshoot). Lots of fun! Shoot me an email if you're going to head out there!

These emocticons are great! :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Actually I live in Miami, FL and I go there almost every chance I get and I believe the last time I went was 3 weekends ago. Im the YZ450 with a #40 wearing yellow fox gear with a red HJC helmet and a red Fox roost deflector.




Awesome! I'm on a 426 with no numbers, silver helmet, Yamaha blue and clear chest protector. YZFan kinda resembles Andre the giant and we'll be arriving in the same truck. :cry:

Just got done with the bike maintenance, all ready to ride!! :cry:

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