Help Please!!! General Info on XR 600

How's everyone doing? I'm new here my name is Chris I live in Florida. I have the oppertunity to by a 1987 honda XR 600. I have owned bikes before, the only honda was an old 1985 honda XR 200. I was just wondering if this bike was very reliable? I would love to hear peoples opinion of them in general as a good street/trail machine? The bike costs 1100 and is in pretty good shape what does everyone think? The most important thing to me would be realiability, I want a bike that will run forever. Thanks for your responses Chris.

A 17 year old reliable bike? There's no telling it could run 15 years without a problem, it might last 15 minutes. If you rebuild everything it will last another 17 years.

Honda's XR line set the standard for reliability. My old man had an '87 a few years ago and while it was old and beat up, it still ran great and did everything he wanted it to. I think he got it for around a grand and it was street legal.

I've got an 86 xr600 and its been stone reliable, great bike for what I use it for. I knew the original owner and he had great service from it. From what I know of them the coil that sits in oil in the engine can break down over time causing weak spark, making it periodically hard to start. Some guys rewrap their own coils or buy an aftermarket one. Mine has to date not had a problem however, as I understand it its only a matter of time. Something to keep in mind anyway. Good luck and enjoy.

I have an 87, not going to help you much, paid $1400 2 years ago added, $700 in repairs, could have gotten a lot newer 600 for the same $. Maybe you won't spend the $700, but some 2000 models are going pretty cheap, 87's don't have disk rear brakes, do have 17" rear tires with less options when time to replace, do have dual carbs, some same more power, I say more problems to set up and clean, though mine haven't. Tanks and side covers aren't completely interchangable with 88 and up (although I do have new seat, tank, and side covers on mine).

But, it's great fun, 2 & 3 gear wheelies with ease, little heavy to pick up, but drz400e isn't much lighter, mine half full of gas is about 303 lbs. XR400 are 20-30lbs lighter, does 20-30 lbs matter I don't know, doesn't sound like much to me, when I replace mine I'll be looking for something alot lighter 50-60lbs, and either electric start or small enough to kick start easier.

But that depends on where and how you plan on riding. When I'm riding with my kids, having to stop and help them the 600 can be alot of work to restart, especillay if it falls over while helping them.

When I'm doing a HS or enduro, the 600 has pluses and minus. Arms get a major work out, but when coming out of a tight corner to an uphill, no clutchwork is required, just turn the throttle and go right up, bad too much power at times, front tire spends too much time in the air, (I need to work on my throttle control).

All in all I don't regret buying the bike, I enjoy riding it, have replaced piston, stator, pulse sender, and some other stuff by myself and learned while doing it. But if I could back up 2 years I'd search a little harder (saved a little longer) and found a 95-2000. After owning one and riding the way I do a 400 or 250 would serve me better (but I'd miss the power) once you have it, it's hard to go back down that hp curve. I also own a FZ1, it more bike than I'll ever need, but after 30,000 miles, I don't know if I could live with a 600.

Sorry probably not much help. David

A friend of mine purchased a 1986 XR600R two years ago in the local area from the original owner, for $1200. The bike was extremely low hour machine, perfectly maintained and cared for. After removing and cleaning up the carbs, and re-adjusting the valve clearance, changing the oil and filter, and replacing the old air filter, the bike was ready to ride.

Two years have passed, and he is still riding that bike, with not one single problem of any kind with it. Obviously the XR's are extremely long-lived and so reliable it's amazing.

That being said, I would still look for a much newer XR600, and not take a chance on such an old bike. There are great deals to be had out there, and the XR's of the 90's were superior to those old dual carb bikes in many other ways too.. Good luck man.

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