xr650r top speed uncorked?

112 momentarilly on GPS on course chipped tight packed dirt road in OZ,get of the packed in stuff and it spins up and slows down.Anywhere else all i can get is 108.

It's all scary shit though.

Slightly modified,15/45 new Michelin AC10 rear.

If your not @ top rpm it's the winds fault your Hp can not over power the drag.

In my earlyer post I mention not getting to the top into the wind ,I also reach top speed in 4th into the wind .

50 hp is only going so fast because of the wind drag no matter what gear ratio.

I could only get 96 mph this weekend on a gravel road. Had a high cross wind and tire was spinning.

we were talking about the garmin top speed anomiles (sp) this weekend. my old street pilot III has never given a strange reading.. though my buddies showed his top speed at 230 mph this weekend.. :applause:

My trail tech computer has read 95-98 freshly calibrated. 5400ft, uncorked.

my 85 XR600 would do about 93 or so. stock gearing, opened up air box, very leaky supertrapp.

i gotta think a 650R oughta do better than that.


my 86 600r does a good 90+ and still pulling....

mind you iam at sea level..when i say sea level ...its just over there..

cold too..think it all helps.


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