Exhust Baffle

Has any one tried Thumper racing, Baja Baffle, or WB "Vortip" inserts?

Are they worth the $$??


I have a Vortip in my 2000 WR.I think it works very well.Quiets the bike considerably and does not hurt the power.I raced a completely uncorked identical bike and neither bike could pull the other.

I have the Baja Design, and never got turned down at a ride. Performance, all I need. 2 other friends have them and are happy.

Howdy Hoss, I think that the Vortip is great, I once was turned down by the BLM at a local AMA D37 event for excess noise, no problem, I went to my truck and grabbed the Votip, put it in about 20 seconds and I was on my way, I dont think that the insert hinders the bike down low (maybe up top a little). Overall if you have a stock pipe and need to be quiet at a momments notice I think this would be a great item to add to your gear bag. You'll get 89db's with the Vortip.

The Vortip works great but it does make a dent in the power through the mid-range. But I felt it made the bike more rideable in technical terrain. Plus our dyno showed a slight (ever so slight) increase on top end. Plus since there was the dip in the middle when it comes alive on top it really comes alive. For the noise reduction and cost you can't beat it. Though it makes the exhaust can a virtural furnace...


I bought a WB vortip and it takes out some of the poop !!!! It also needs to be rejetted slightly leaner to keep it alive.. also on my vortip when I got it I had to ream out two of the three holes!!!!!!!! They had welded them on and there was huge weld blobs on the inside. Making it as choked up as the stock baffle!! so much for fit and finish. I can't decide if I wasted my money.

I just put on the WB vortip and noticed a difference instantly. Seems slightly louder than stock baffle but noticable power increase. Comparing the price of a vortip to a aftermarket pipe you cant go wrong with the vortip.



Jlewis, that's my exeriende exactly! (except I don't have access to a dyno).

I assume you're running YZ timing? Have you compared that to running v-tip + wr timing?

I've been wondering if that would help get the exhaust gasses out better in the bottom to mid range. And gain a little rideability.

I would also like to compare jetting/timing with anyone that experienced no low-mid loss with the insert.

This whole business has been bugging me for a while. I just haven't had much time to ride this summer let alone test and tinker :)

Also, I bought mine about 2 years ago. The workmanship was better than I could imagine. I hope they haven't let things slip.

I did thin the openings out and gave them a slight flare (mimmicing the stock insert), but for the effort I don't think it made much difference. Though back to back testing is impossible.



98 WR400 Dualsport!

I finally got around to messing with my jetting with the vortip in. I found at 500 ft 72degrees sunny with higher humidity on a 01 WR 426 air box open, wire cut, YZ timed that i ran best with a 162 main DRR #3 (waiting on a EJP) 42p fuel screw at 1 3/4 It had great response and almost felt easier to ride in the tight stuff. More controlable. anyone have any thoughts.

I have heard the workmanship is not as good as it use to be. The people who origionaly sold the Vortip no longer do because they couldn't get it built right consistantally.

I ran mine with WR timing. I never turned my WR into a YZ cause I already had a YZ and it wasn't tractable enough off-road. I imaging the Vortip and the YZ timing would be better than an open pipe and YZ timing for tricky trail stuff?


Thanks for all of your advise. I just got the Vortip, the fit and finish looks very good. I bought it from Chaparrel for $55, baja designs sells the same thing as the baja tip for $80.

I installed the tip and took the bike around the block, As with the stock insert, right off the idle there is a nano second hesitation and the bike is not ideling as crisply as without the insert. It runs perfect otherwise. BTW The motor and the carb is all stock. Any ideas?


Has anyone just drilled a few holes in the

stock insert and tried that??

Originally posted by Guzzidave:

Has anyone just drilled a few holes in the

stock insert and tried that??

I was thinking about doing that on my 250f never got around to it though.

I am using the stroker downturned tip and it is still really loud....I am going to get a Vortip.


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