Rekluse Z-start question??????

I was thinking of buying a z-start for my wr but I have a couple of questions... I have a magura juice clutch that I just spent well over a hundred bucks rebuilding the whole system, is it possible to use together or do I have to go back to cable? Is this something that an intermediate wrencher could install? Is it tough enough to last quite a while (I'm 250lbs.)?

are the downsides worth the benefits? anybody have reliability issues or horror stories?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for so many questions..

all knowledgeable feedback is very appreciated

You'd have to talk to Rekluse directly aboun the Hydro clutch.

I'm an average mechanic with basic knowledge and I had my 01 wr running in about 2 hours. I also am a big guy 265 lbs, I instaled the Z start onto my stock clutch plates with over 4000 miles on them and have had Zero problems.

My buddy just put money down on a 05 CRF450X and has already ordered a Z clutch for it after riding my bike

Good luck


any other z-starters?

Yeah, I've got one!

I love it. It took me about two hours to install the clutch after that its been smooth sailing ever since. The bad thing is you're going to have to loose your magura. I had the same situation and couldn't make the thing work with the lever. However after about three rides I took the lever off. I was having more problems adjusting when I had the lever to play with. The thing I'm going to try is seeing if the Magura can be retofitted to actuate the rear brake :cry:

Good luck


I have the zstart on a 2000 yzf426, I agree with dingo you may will looze the clutch, I am not sure if Rekluse has a work around on this our not, But suggest as did someone else Call rekluse their support is great.

I opted not to put the clutch lever back on, Frankly I dont miss it. I ride 99% woods as well. Now MX what I have ridden I could see how a clutch may be needed. But I still was not bothered to not have one.

I have one also. Again it took me about 2 hours and now I could put one on in about 30 minutes. It is all eveyone claims. Just remember to make sure that you shim it correctly and you have no problems. Thanks to Danny at Rekluse for all of his help. I just let a cycle shop parts salesman take my bike for a ride and he is now going to set himselve up as a dealer. All it takes is one ride.

<shudders> Automatic clutch?!?! Forgive me for being a little "old-fashioned" but I thought auto clutches were for little kids and old people and/or newbies. Next thing will be an automatic tranny.... argh!!! Ok, ok different strokes for different folks but I think I will just stick with my Magura, I like the control I have over what my bike does.

Peace :cry:

as you get older you have trouble thinkin' fast sometimes,the rekluse does the thinkin' for ya. its not a bad thing,in fact its great when climbing nasty hills. or for extra traction when everyone else is slipping and sliding you can just shift up a gear and let it do what it does best! :cry: i remember seeing someone with a hydro clutch setup on a husky(te450 i believe) you might do a search there

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