05 wr450 oil filter, has anyone tryed this???

The stock 05 is a paper filter...Is anyone using a washable filter from a older yz/wr. My 01 426 filter is the same length/dia.and was cleanable.. Has anyone tryed this??? :cry: smitty

I have'nt tried one yet, but I did buy one for my '04. I got both an '04 paper filter & an '02 metal mesh one. I figured for the first oil change I'd run the paper as it'll catch finer particles, but I think I'm gonna throw the mesh one in on the next oil change (after next ride).

The only concearn that I have is that the mesh filter will obviously flow more oil compared to the paper one, & you wouldn't think that could be a bad thing, but who knows... :cry:

Here's a link to an old thread that discussed some of this before.

I wonder if the '04 & '05 paper filters are the same? I wish Yamaha would hurry up & update their online parts catalog with ALL of the '05 models... :cry:

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